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RF.SG Sat outing

Went out with the guys. The usual La-Kopi session at the Singapore Arts House. The Silent Japan exhibit was good. Love the B&W contrasts and the papers used to print the photos are also amazing!!!

Anyway, some shots of the usual gang hanging out for drinks after our walkabout.


Cool double exposure by our newbies.


From where I left out…

This is a continuation from where I left out on my previous blog.  There will be an exhibit coming up tomorrow at the Singapore Arts House.  Hosted by one of the local RFers, Derrick. Hope to see you guys there.

Here’s more infor.

The journey begins…

It was just three years ago, during the first Singapore F1 race that prompted me to upgrade my P&S camera into a more professional series.  I remembered the adrenaline of watching the race cars zoomed by, however the AF on my P&S Canon was unable to keep up with the speed.

Hence began my search for a better camera with huge zoom function.  I started with a Canon crop body, 40D and Tamron 17-50 f2.8 lens.  Eventually, upgraded my set to a 5dm2 and L lenses.  However, I realised I never did fulfil my wish to photograph the next F1 race.  Well, that was 3 years ago… My wife was pregnant with our daughter, Anna the subsequent year.  Eventually, my daughter was born so going together as a family to watch the F1 race was out of the question during this period.

I think more importantly during this period is I’ve discovered the world of Rangefinder.  I’ve acquired many old vintage Japanese lenses and some Leica lenses during the past 2 years.  The interest deepened with the help of a friendly and passionate group of local RFers.  We will meet up regularly to shoot and lakopi about the lastest RF gears.  I’ve also developed a love for the old film cameras.  Focusing mainly on street shooting and even started to develop my own B&W photos at home.

This blog served as a continuation from my previous blog (http://zoompbnw.blogspot.com/) as it serves to document my B&W skills.

So what happened to my Canon gears? Well, I eventually sold them all and bought a digital RF – Leica M9.  Will document both film and digital photos on this blog going forward.

Hope you will enjoy reading my blog and please feel free to provide comments and ideas for me.  Singapore is a small island and I am afraid we are running out of locations to shoot.